For 2 Players

The process of creating a new virtual reality for two has not been so exciting yet, and we present a whole selection of games that you can play with your friend. Stand together against evil on the other side of the barricade, or rebel against your friend on the same keyboard. Can you divide the space in such a way that there is enough space in the application for both?

A new wave of exciting travels and mysteries that only two brains can do at a time. Confrontation of stickmen in different variations. Shootout racing or just mastery of speed and noise. Musical arcades that only real followers of sound and rhythm can handle.

Choose what you like and create your own battle strategies. Fight zombies and the apocalypse in 4 hands. Spending time together has never been more exciting. Double penetration into the world of computer realities is a time consuming but very interesting process.

After all, this is how you are responsible not only for yourself and your actions, but also for your comrade. Show him new tricks and knowledge gained during the competition and listen to the advice of a friend. If you are tired of dull strategies, then try to harness all your power in sports arcades against each other.

Feel the graphics and musical effects. Discuss and compare them in different applications. Find for yourself the very favorite action to which you will return with your friend again. Play against the whole world together and don’t let enemies destroy your friendly alliance.

Defend your interests and enjoy your time not only in real life, but also in virtual life. Creative developers offer you a very extensive cycle of different directions, among which you will definitely like something unique. Start doing your own creation and achieve goals together with your friend.