Everyone knows Io games thanks to that one game where you and your snake that eats something like fruits and grows. The main idea is that the snake becomes so big that it is difficult for it to catch the fruit and don’t bite its own tail. It was created by an anonymous person from Brazil and fastly catched the attention of many people all over the world.

Since then it went through some upgrades and now there is the world of similar games called Io. The evolution process has achieved great success, so now you have the ability to challenge and have fun with many different types of it.

What arsenal can you find there?

First of all the big surprise was that now among all the variety you can find shooters! This is awesome because even more gamers can be spending time here! And a great addition is the fact that now you can play with friends and share your successes with them! Various challenges have been added here, which will give you a dose of adrenaline and emotions! It won’t be easy to tear yourself away from the screen.

So go ahead! Grab guns and conquer whatever gets in your way! It will be a lot of fun and incredibly interesting! Plus, the graphics are very nice and cool, so you’ll love it! Also, almost all of the presented varieties have an important function – this is that players are ranked. Of course, it’s always interesting not just to fight, but fight for something. Everything should have a result. First of all, this is your good mood thanks to the game and, of course, the first place you can conquer!

Shooters are great, but there is also a big variety of games with animals! Good, simple and prolonging. Fight with other players along or gather your own team of people you want to have fun with! Try coop mode. It is fantastic! You can achieve a lot here and make a lot of discoveries! Play Io and enter a world of fun and have a great time.