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Omori Anime Horror

When it’s up to your mood, you’re not always sure what happened and why you’re feeling one way or another. This can be just some strange feeling of vagueness, when you’re ready to say that you don’t feel anything, but in fact it’s just some emptiness that fills your soul. And when you start to identify it, it becomes greater and greater and that makes you depressed more and more.

The boy or a boy

The game is telling us a story of a young man who’s feeling just like that. The first thing you notice is the contrast between his grey look and the colorful world around him. Is it just to show who the main character is, or is it something more? Well, it needs to be mentioned that everything in this release is ruled by the mood of the characters: their abilities, skills, teamwork and the entire world. The main hero, despite being a sad guy, has friends and spends a lot of time with them. But the rest of his leisure time he spends alone in his empty room, and it seems like it’s not that simple…