Games that bring together players of all countries, cultures, views and nationalities. The most extensive battlegrounds and many strategies in which you have to beat all your opponents. Drive them out of the field and become a monopolist in the fight. Show your strength and do not stop in front of anyone.

The most explicit fantasies, dragons and various magical creatures, commanders and armies, weapons and new tasks await you in the Multiplayer collection. If you are tired of fast action, and you are ready to plunge into the world of new emotions and impressions, then choose the most exciting story in your opinion and start your journey with it.

Applications are unpredictable, since real people will fight against you, not bots. You cannot predict their actions. You have to find allies or fight to the death with your opponents. Such applications are packed with easy-to-use controls, cool design solutions and sophisticated graphics. You will have a chance to see and hear a real dragon.

You can befriend him and join your army, or destroy him and spread fear among other players. Your efforts are not in vain, and you will understand this in the chat rooms that these adventures are equipped with. In them you can discuss progress or make new friends. Create your clans, conquer new lands, exterminate aliens and be prepared that any player can attack you at any moment. Create your character, select weapons and artifacts for him, find the best uniforms and armor.

Choose for yourself a faithful friend who will become your faithful companion. All players keep secrets and arrange dirty tricks for other gamers. Be on the alert and go on new adventures that will not leave you indifferent. Get ready to donate a lot of your time to these adventures.