If you ever were asked to name the most dangerous places in the city, surelly, you would never mention a restaurant or a cafe. However, the boy, called Mike Shmidt, also didn’t suspect anything while applying to the pizza restaurant. He didn’t expect how risky it would be. It figures out that all night he will be trapped by dozens of dangerous mechanical robots and toys, which dream about hurting Mike.

The only way to protect yourself in the game is electricity. By the way, we all know how often it can just be cut off. What are you going to do in this case? Try to find the solution in FNAF games.

Meet that creepy FNAF characters

Our main character is very determined and things turn out in a way that he really needs that job. That means that there is no possibility of just rejecting the offer and fleeing. You are going to help him survive. The toys look freaking scary and they are more dangerous than you may assume.

They are just waiting until the moment when they will bite deep into your skin. Those nice teddy bears are so adorable during the day. But at night they will turn your shift into a real nightmare. They are violent, bloody hungry and merciless. Forget about horror games you used to play before. Five Nights at Freddy’s is going to drive you crazy in terms of adrenaline.

FNAF will test your survival skills

During the game, fight those frightening toys, protect your life and try to survive all your shifts. Be smart, and plan the scenarios in advance. If you feel strong enough and would like to accept the challenge. Get out of your booth and have a walk through the building meeting all those creatures.

You should be extremely watchful in high-level modes. The chances to survive will decrease after every wrong step or action. As another perfect advante as this pizzeria simulator is completely unblocked too.