Friday Night Funkin (FNF)

Are you mad about music? Do you like battles? Did you try to rap like Eminem and dress like rap performers? Oversized T-shirts, huge pants, baseball caps and the coolest sneakers are gathering dust in the closet? Then challenge yourself with Friday night funkin! Music, great beats, a love story, and cool characters are waiting for you! This game is great entertainment!

The game “Friday Night Funkin: hellbeats” is cool, musical, and easy to play. The idea is quite simple, you should conquer a girl by entering a rap competition with another guy. The game is easy to play. Press the correct arrows to win. The arrow colors are different as their direction. On the top of the screen, you will see four grey arrows directed up, down, left, and right. From the bottom appear other colored arrows. When lower arrows reach the upper, you press the correct button and your guy gets closer to the girl he likes.

You can play using different devices including android, PC, or chromebook. Spending time with this game you can become a hero, who helps lovers to be together. Many people are lonely nowadays, so don’t make the character stay alone, watching his beloved kissing another man. Help him to reveal the talent, believe in his power, and ability to win! FNF looks like an old cartoon, the characters are funny and catchy. You will fully emerge yourself in this cool atmosphere.

Friday Night Funkin games have unusual designs and interestingly drawn characters. The music is great! It feels like going 10 years back to the time when rap battles were popular. The beats are pumping. Feel this rhythm, enjoy your time on the stage with the mic, feel like a star! There are millions of people watching you and waiting for the performance! Wake up your inner star, get much pleasure, and build a love story with the mind-blowing girl!