New Games

Our team is based on the principles of novelty and relevance. We create new catalogs and place absolutely fresh and cool games in them for fans of modern applications. We follow the development of heroes, for new releases and parts of various applications, so that we are always aware of what will be interesting for you tomorrow.

Various types of musical competitions, battles and carnage, adventure and multiplayer, for two or solo – and this is just the beginning of the list. We select cool apps with your favorite characters. Each of you knows their story and wants to know how Boyfriend’s love drama will end or whether the dragon will be killed in this crazy strategy for thousands of users.

If you have any doubts, then hundreds of different spectacular arcades are presented to your attention. They are selected exclusively based on the tastes of gamers and contain the most exciting action. Here are the coolest rings and the most crazy fights without rules. The races are filled with the best and pumped cars.

Well, dragons, respectively, are the most beautiful and invincible. An abundance of artifacts and skins for characters. Thousands of stories, each of which will touch you to the living. Create your ideal character and make him invincible. Harness passion and speed. Compete with top players in strategies.

We will make sure that the applications give you pleasure and positive emotions non-stop. Adaptations of these applications keep many secrets and cool mysteries that only avid gamers can do. If you want to leave a mark on the world of computer puzzles or assert yourself as the next undefeated thug, then welcome to us. Here you will find applications for every mood and time limit.