Undertale games were one of those, at the time they appeared, which made a great furor with the great popularity they provoked. The thing is that in contrast to other similar games this one had a number of unique things and combinations. The gameplay here is closely integrated with the storyline, and every decision that you make changes the process of your playthrough. The graphic solutions bring nostalgia. And, of course, the characters which a player meets on his way are each a full-blooded part of the story, who have their significant roles in the final episode.

The tale of Underworld

The storyline of Undertale is built around the event that took place long long ago. Once upon a time, there lived two nations: people and monsters. Once they had a war, and finally the monsters were locked in the Underground world, from which there are only a few passages. You can enter them only from the human world and that’s what happened to our main character. After the start the main hero meets different characters on his way. They create some impression that influences the player’s attitude to them, but whether they become the antagonists or not, depends on the decisions of the main character.

The game and the community

It caused a great blow up among players, that’s why people started to invent variation to the original story. Thus the game obtained its alternative universes. One of the most popular ones are Last Breath, which develops the line of the Genocide path of a player; and the other one is Underfell, which makes the entire game far more cruel than it is initially. The fact that you can play Undertale on mobile as well as on PC made refresh the wave of its popularity. So whether you’d like to choose an emulator or something else to have a great time, you will anyway find something that’s gonna be to your taste.